Our Ambassadors

The Green & Healthy Monday Campaign is supported by many organisations / groups.
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Non-profit Organisations 


EcoHarmony runs a café offering Green & Healthy meals, and an organic grocer. They also hold symposiums and workshops to educate the public on the benefits of a Green & Healthy lifestyle.


Vegetarian Society (Singapore) is a registered charity that encourages a Green & Healthy lifestyle by organising social gatherings and food workshops.



ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) runs a wildlife rescue centre and promotes community involvement in addressing animal protection issues.



PM.Haze (People’s Movement to Stop Haze) focuses on empowering people with the values, knowledge and means to drive a movement to stop haze.


AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) is Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group.


Earth Society conducts talks, seminars and workshops to increase awareness of environmental issues.

Starseed Solar Nature Lovers’ Society, Johor is a not-for-profit social & eco-enterprise that not only serves Green & Healthy food, but also runs a healing centre, food gardens and solar eco-village.



Chang Cheng Group manages over 220 food outlets and 30 coffeeshops in Singapore, and now offers 6 Green and Healthy dishes daily in 19 of their mixed vegetables food outlets.


Go Fresh Impex delivers fresh goods, which can be used to make Green & Healthy dishes, to all addresses in Singapore.


Lam Soon Group owns many household brands in the fruits, vegetables, organic food, and beverages markets. They cater monthly Green & Healthy Monday meals.


The Sukha House imports organic and natural products such as organic brown rice, sugar, cereal and snacks from Thailand.


 Idealite Singapore operates a restaurant providing Green & Healthy food, and conducts talks about healthy diet.


 Taste Original imports and distributes Green & Healthy food in Singapore.


Seng Lee Impex is a fruit and vegetable wholesaler.

Global Nutrifoods deals with edible plant oil.


Cocos supplies Green & Healthy coconut products to the food, pharmaceutical and skincare industries.


New Fut Kai provides a Green & Healthy cuisine for buffets, wedding receptions, banquets and birthdays.


Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant has a 1-for-1 offer for selected Green & Healthy meals every Monday.

Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe has a 50% discount for selected Green & Healthy meals every Monday.

Poppy and Co. offers quality organic Açaí for wholesale and retail.

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes offers Green & Healthy cakes.

Sautè offers a Green & Healthy cuisine and desserts without onion and garlic.

Schools / Childcare / Tertiary Institutions


Prince Siddhattha Child Care Centre cultivates good eating habits from young by providing Green & Healthy meals to children.

Dulwich College (Singapore) organises activities for students to educate them on making Green & Healthy choices.

Other Companies


CTS Pacific offers engineering products and services for various industries.

Other Green & Healthy Focus Organisations / Groups


Green Future Solutions provides sustainability consultancy to help companies and organisations overcome environmental challenges.


Live Green Live Lean organises health and fitness centred events/workshops, and aims to inspire a culture of fit, healthy and conscious individuals.


Animal Allies is the public outreach project of Vegetarian Society (Singapore). It conducts outreach activities at events and shares resources to help people transition to a Green & Healthy diet.


RenewFibre Asia manufactures renewable green materials for the packaging and furniture industry. They source 90% of raw materials from agricultural straw, reducing the need for deforestation and burning.

Boundless Love Weddings is a wedding organiser that also plans catering for Green & Healthy food at wedding receptions.

Happy Planets offers courses on Green & Healthy living.