The Green & Healthy Monday campaign was launched by Kampung Senang, an eco-conscious charity, together with long-term partners at the Green & Healthy Festival on 4th September 2016. The journey however, started long ago; since the establishment of Kampung Senang in March 1999, our family continues to support the elderly community and make efforts to tackle various environmental issues.

Throughout these years, we have established centres and services for children, students, the elderly, the disabled, and patients with mental or physical illnesses, while integrating Green & Healthy practices into our development. We hope that our experiences can serve as examples and inspire others to take part in the Green & Healthy movement.

It’s our honour to highlight our Ambassadors’ efforts in promoting the Green & Healthy Monday campaign:

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Childcare & Kindergarten

Good eating habits are cultivated by serving Green & Healthy meals made with organic ingredients. ~Whole Child Nurture Centre (WCNC)

Home-school program

Primary school children are able learn how to adopt a Green & Healthy lifestyle by participating in projects held in an organic garden. ~Family Learning Centre

Student Care Centre

In addition to providing Green & Healthy meals, activities and field trips are organised for students so that they have a greater appreciation for nature. ~Student Care Center


Using microorganisms instead of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, is an example of a Green & Healthy method of growing food. ~Organic Farm & Herb Garden

Elder Care

An open concept area is used, facing a vegetable and herbal farm. The centre also ensures the perfect experience for the elderly by providing them with Green & Healthy meals and weekly Herbal Detox Foot Baths. ~Day Care Centre for the Elderly

Mobility Aids Services

When Mobility Aids are faulty, they are repaired or recycled. This promotes the Green & Healthy Movement, as waste, and energy usage is reduced, and the disabled have an affordable alternative to buying a replacement. ~Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre (MASTC)

Wellness Centre

Offers Green & Healthy alternatives which use less chemicals and energy than conventional medicine and treatment. ~Neurofeedback Learning Centre, Holistic Wellness Centre (TCM)

Lifestyle Centre

Facilitates holistic courses, workshops and talks that promote the Green & Healthy Movement. The centre also offers an organic foods delivery service to cancer patients to ensure that they maintain a healthy diet. ~Holistic Lifestyle Centre

F&B Outlet

In addition to serving Green & Healthy meals, the outlet uses a more environmentally friendly self-made enzyme solution to clean utensils.  ~Eco Café